Our federation was founded in 1991. It was the first aikido school in Vladivostok. For 11 years we have been studying aikido through the different Japanese, European and Russian seminars. In 2002 Shimizu-sensei and Wakasensei visited Vladivostok at our invitation. It was their first visit in Russia.

On this seminar we discovered aikido and its method of training that differed from the aikido we had studied before. It was fully in line with our ideas about genuine aikido.

It was very difficult for us to change technical skills and conception of learning but due to annual seminars in Vladivostok and our practice in Tendokan we are going to grip Tendo aikido.

Shimizu-sensei granted us a right to practice Tendoryu and to represent his school in Russia. In November, 2012, it will be 10 years since we began to keep this really difficult way, but it gives us a chance to understand aikido and to follow its principles.

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